iBeacon as a Simple IoT Devices

iBeacon as a Simple IoT Devices

Introduced by Apple on the 2013, Apple iBeacon is working with Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) or Bluetooth version 4. On the day it was launched, iBeacon was supposed to be one of huge leap in Internet of Things. Even there are many IoT Platform is adding feature with beacon in order to ease the management service.

iBeacon can also be used with an application as an indoor positioning system, which helps smartphones determine their approximate location or context. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone’s software can approximately find its relative location to an iBeacon in a store. Brick and mortar retail stores use the beacons for mobile commerce, offering customers special deals through mobile marketing, and can enable mobile payments through point of sale systems.

With growing technology, Internet of Things has became one of daily needs. We can find many IoT devices we can use and feel the impact in daily basis such as fitness tracker, thermostat, or smartwatch. Those things were just the beginning. We can see more tech and IoT stuff even in shoes that can tied up themselves.

High demand of Internet of Things Market causes startup and enterprise add Internet of Things solution to their solution. As for example is using beacon as an asset management and visitor tracking. While some companies are using name tag and ID card, beacon can be a simple way to track visitors and it doesn’t even spend lot of cost. The battery last up to 2 years and if it doesn’t need specific reader which is mostly expensive as in RFID.


Menikmati Matahari Terbenam di Surabaya North Quay

Menikmati Matahari Terbenam di Surabaya North Quay
Sempat dibuka hanya untuk menyambut event tertentu, Surabaya North Quay (SNQ) sekarang buka tiap hari loh! Buat yang belum tahu, Surabaya North Quay itu adalah sebuah lokasi wisata baru yang terletak di terminal Gapura Surya Nusantara Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak Surabaya.

Disini kamu bakal menemukan pemandangan laut Surabaya lengkap dengan bentangan jembatan Suramadu di kejauhan yang keren banget. Apalagi begitu matahari mulai terbenam, pemandangan langit sore dengan laut dan lampu-lampu kapal serta kota yang mulai menyala bikin sunset disini super foto-able! Nggak heran kalau akhirnya sebagian besar orang yang kesini emang punya tujuan buat hunting foto atau sekedar selfie.

Puas berburu foto dan selfie, pasti enak rasanya mengisi perut yang lapar dan tenggorokan yang haus. Nah, buat memenuhi kebutuhan ini, Surabaya North Quay juga menyediakan beberapa umbrella table buat makan, lengkap dengan menu-menu tradisional seperti pecel, rujak, dan dawet yang akrab di lidah pengunjung.

Sayangnya, jumlah umbrella table di area ini nggak banyak. Jadi kalau ingin makan di SNQ, harus cepat-cepat cari tempat duduk sebelum ditempati orang lain. Atau kalau emang kepepet, ya harus rela joinan sama orang nggak kenal.

Basic Service in IoT Platform Providers

Basic Service in IoT Platform Providers

Many people developing IoT for living. It is getting popular and people want to use IoT Platform to ease their process in building IoT system. The Internet of Things has been hype for couple of years since it began to be recommended by Kevin Ashton on 1999 and started popular through Auto-ID centre in MIT. At this moment, we can see many people is using Internet of Things. Not only in daily life but it begins a university project for their student.

Basically, Internet of Things platform has similar features and basic needs as any other platform to build IoT devices. Some IoT platform providers basic service of a platform. But the main use of IoT Platform is to ease developer/maker to build solution faster by using a platform (IaaS, PaaS, or BaaS) to get lower cost infrastructure.

IoT Platform has became one of regular tools. Most developers will use IoT Platform to develop their product and solution also help them scale up globally. IoT Platform is simply helping engineers to build their Internet of Things project faster and also manage them regularly. This includes building engagement with their user.

Berbagai Wahana Di Go Fun Bojonegoro Theme Park

Berbagai Wahana Di Go Fun Bojonegoro Theme Park

Go Fun Bojonegoro Theme Park menjadi jujugan wisata baru di Bojonegoro. Tempat wisata ini resmi di buka pada Agustus 2016 yang lalu. Masih gress, tak heran antusiasme masyarakat yang mengunjunginya begitu tinggi. Go Fun Bojonegoro Theme Park berkonsep wisata rekreasi malam yang menghadirkan berbagai macam wahana. Dibuka mulai pukul 4 sore sampai 10 malam pada weekdays dan saat weekend buka mulai pukul 4 sore sampai 11 malam.

Tak sulit bagi pengunjung dari luar kota buat menemukan lokasinya, selain bisa mengandalkan Google Maps tempat ini juga berada di salah satu kawasan paling strategis di Bojonegoro yaitu Jl. Veteran no.188 Bojonegoro. Lokasinya berdekatan dengan terminal, pusat perbelanjaan KDS serta stadion. Jadi kalau takut nyasar, tanya aja. Hampir semua orang di Bojonegoro tau tempat ini.

Saya dan keluarga berkesempatan mengunjunginya Minggu 16 Oktober lalu. Agak kemalaman sih mengingat kami berangkatnya dari Tuban. Setelah berkendara selana se-jam an, pukul 19 kami sampai di lokasi dan disambut oleh neon box besar berwujud maskot dan tulisan Go Fun. Belum masuk ke parkiran anak-anak malah sudah kadung exited buat berfoto di depan icon Go Fun Bojonegoro

Cloud Hosting for Mobile App and IoT

Cloud Hosting for Mobile App and IoT

Developers prefer to use Mobile App Hosting to build mobile apps. Mobile Cloud Hosting helps developers to manage their implementation and applications. With high demand of mobile application, developers likely to choose Mobile Cloud Hosting to help them develop application faster.

Cloud hosting is also termed as clustered hosting. It’s a hosting service that is delivered from a network of multiple and physically connected servers. There are many types of hosting available among Cloud Hosting Providers; cloud hosting is a new form of hosting. It enables the clients to host their websites in a more powerful, reliable, and scalable way.

In addition to the concept of cloud website hosting server, it also means that the website will not experience any downtime as it is the case with traditional server hosting. Cloud server hosting is extremely useful because it does not restrict people to the limit of application and hardware. The main advantage of cloud website hosting is the reliability that comes from the use of a group of servers rather than just relying on one. Even the space will be limited in traditional hosts that will slow down your site. However, with cloud server hosting, you will not encounter any of these problems because users will get extra power and resources and with this you can successfully run your business over the internet and enjoy unhindered connectivity. Cloud website hosting is best for small business, growing business, and mid-enterprises.

Building Application for Tizen in Tizen Backend as a Service

Building Application for Tizen in Tizen Backend as a Service

Tizen a new Operating System that has just been popular in developers make debut as one of OS in successful smartphone providers. Samsung is one of companies with highest sales of Android devices in the world. Android devices made by Samsung is used by billion people in the world. It’s not surprising if someone associate Android Smartphone with Samsung Galaxy. Along with Intel and the Linux Foundation Samsung develops its own mobile operating system to reduce to reduce its dependence on Android and Google.

There are few Tizen Mobile Backend App around. Because Tizen is pretty new, developers are still figuring out about Tizen. Tizen strongly supports developers who build applications using HTML5. Even the official guidelines for developing applications using HTML5 on Tizen has been available since it is released. Different with Android, Google officially supports Android application development using Java. To develop Android apps using HTML5, you have to use a third-party developer.

Developing applications for Tizen can be achieved by using Tizen SDK. Tizen SDK consists of a set of tools for developing native applications and web. SDK released in developer.tizen.org consists of IDE, Emulators, code samples, and documentation. Tizen SDK can be used in Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac OS X. IDE in Tizen SDK is actually Eclipse that has been customized to ease developers developing applications for Tizen. If you do not want to use Tizen IDE, we can still develop Tizen application as long as it follows Tizen terms and condition.

Important Features of IoT Platform

Important Features of IoT Platform

With various implementation of Internet of Things, IoT developers are competing to build their own IoT Devices. With a huge market, there are more and more devices launched each year. How developers compete with other developers are by using IoT Platform to make their development process faster.


It is because IoT Platform provides various features such as:

Real Time Storage Data – Internet of Things technology needs integration with data storage (Cloud Storage), where data storage from sensor or data from other devices need a real time data storage. It is because IoT’s main focus is data streaming.

IoT Protocol Connection – Protocol Internet of Things from every device might be different. This makes developer must do many changes and data conversions.

Data Processing – Internet of Things is focused on faster data processing to make a real time data insight.

Analytic’s – Statistic processing and data management by various data connections and hardwares have to make a result about accurate data analytic.

These basic features in IoT Platform can be useful for developers to connect and manage the device. With the features, developers also able to manage their user and checking the device performance.